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The Super Socket™️

The Super Socket™️

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One Socket, many screws.

The SuperSocket™️ lets you work effortlessly quicker than ever before. Allowing you to screw any bolt, and grip any shape. Gone are the days of looking for heads and changing them for every screw and bolt. 


How it Works: 

With its unique honeycomb design, 54 steel pins automatically adjust to grip hex nuts, wing nuts, square nuts, and especially broken or rusted nuts.



Key Features:

  • Professional grade universal socket wrench
  • Includes a bonus wrench.
  • Self-adjusts to fit thousands of bolts and fasteners.
  • Replaces both metric and standard sockets and wrenches
  • Quickly disassemble and assemble all kinds of screws, from hooks, lag screws, and bolt heads.


This tool is the perfect gift for DIY fanatics! It has tons of uses including home improvement, construction, carpentry, auto repair, and other household maintenance. 


The perfect must-have addition for any DIY toolbox!  


What's in the box?

- 1x SuperSocket

- 1x Drill adapter

- 1x Stainless Steel Wrench

- 10% Off Coupon toward your next purchase!



Specifications (for the experts)

- Minimum grip size: 7mm (1/4")

- Maximum grip size: 19 mm (3/4'')

- Maximum depth: 9.5 mm

- Outer Diameter: 25.4 mm

- Max torque: 150 ft.lbs.


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