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Small in size, bigger on silence.

The Shhhtopper™️ eliminates every squeak, bump, and knock your bed will ever make.

If you "move" around a lot in bed, and don't want to disturb everyone else who is sleeping then this clever gadget is for you. 

With an easier than easy installation, you'll be able to move around as much as you want, in silence! 




  • Improve sleep: gets rid of bangs, squeaks, and knocks allowing everyone to sleep silently.

  • Wall protection: EVA cushion protects your wall from dents and scrapes.

  • Easy to install: Our threaded glides screw into place and can transform your bed frame in minutes, Make your bed more stable.



How to use:

  • Measure the distance between your shaking furniture and the wall, then choose the right size on your Shhhtopper™️ Silencer to hold it in place. 

*Not available in stores.

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