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EvenSlice™️ Bread Slicer

EvenSlice™️ Bread Slicer

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EvenSlice Bread Slicer

Do you struggle when cutting bread? Uneven wedges will be a memory, thanks to the simplest slicing guide around… our EvenSlice Bread Slicer.

It’s a product that we’ve loved for a long time – and a boon for bakers who enjoy making their own bread – with a non-slip base so it won’t try to get away from you as you cut slice after slice.

With one of these on hand, you'll be able to please even the fussiest sandwich-lover, no matter what type of bread they prefer their butties to be made from, and it’s ideal for precision cutting of bagels, burger buns and oven-bottom muffins too.


Easy to clean

Easy-clean, with a built-in crumb catcher to keep worktop mess to a minimum, just follow the directions on the box to dismantle it for a thorough cleaning.

Folds for compact storage.


Designed by Richmond Rose

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