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Digital Probe Kitchen Thermometer

Digital Probe Kitchen Thermometer

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The Digital Probe Kitchen Thermometer works at speed to give an accurate temperature reading.

Ultra-thin, with a long probe, which offers a quick and easy way to ensure your joint of meat is cooked to perfection, and barely leaves a mark in your meat. And because it takes its temperature reading from inside the joint of meat, you can be absolutely certain that your family feast won’t be spoilt by any doubts about uncooked food.


Simple to use Just insert the fine probe into a plump part of the joint or bird, press the button and wait for the beep – then remove the probe and read the result.

Versatile Not just for your Sunday roast or Christmas Day, this nifty little meat thermometer can also be used for anything encased in pastry (fabulous for a beef Wellington, as well as for anything cooked en papillote), fish, stuffing, egg dishes and for casseroles too, and is especially valuable if you’re reheating a portion of leftovers. 


Wide temperature range Measuring from -45°C to 200°C (-49°F to 392°F), it’s easy to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on your preference. Just follow the directions on the packaging – the ‘switch’ is inside the battery cover.


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