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The Original Cactus Carl™️

The Original Cactus Carl™️

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You've seen Carl everywhere for a reason - introducing you to the original talking, dancing and 100% laughing guaranteed Cactus Carl™️!

Sit this little guy in any room, and watch your kid (adults too) fall in love whilst he repeats EVERYTHING you say! 



With a simple on switch, Carl comes to life, repeating anything you say to it. From your child talking to your dog barking. He's like having your very own parrot! Perfect for engaging young children to speak, whilst making them so engaged, you'll be in stitches!



Talking isn't all Carl can do - switch modes and let him serenade you with over 120 English songs! From classic hits to, catchy beats. He'll have your kids up and dancing in no time! 




  • Made from soft plush material. Non-toxic material which is safe for children.

  • Sings over 100 songs, ready to keep any kid entertained for hours!
  • Switch to talking mode - for endless laughs entertaining for children.
  • Powered by USB / or 3x AA batteries so no need to worry about power cords. Take it anywhere in the house.

  • Perfect gift for birthdays, children and adults will love them for sure.



Material: Sustainably sourced Cotton
Size: 32cm
Power supply: USB / 3 * AA batteries