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LED Photon Ultrasonic Facial Tool

LED Photon Ultrasonic Facial Tool

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You can now have the result of a spa facial treatment in the comfort of your own home!


EMS Massaging

EMS massaging is used to activate the skin cells, tightening the skin, enhancing elasticity, making the skin look smooth and healthy. 

Constant temperature

The facial tool use high frequency vibrations and a constant temperature to effectively lead nutrition into the skin, making the skin fully absorb any serum or cream. 

Ion defence 

Ions help against dark spots, wrinkles, black heads and generally clean the skin, givin you a fresh look

Two tone light

The light waves are either red or blue and increase the elasticity of the skin, anti-aging, anti-oxidant stimulation to repair skin cells, and reducing oily skin in the T-zone


The tool is handheld and can easily be charged via a USB cable (cable included)